Nickelodeon asked us to work on the UK implementation of a Nick Jr global rebrand. This was more of a production job than creative, delivering over 1200 assets in 2 months, but we still got to add our own touches here and there.


As there are two channels in the UK - NickJr and NickJr2 (now NickJrToo) - we devised an overlapping colourscheme for the OSP elements we created, to give each channel it’s own feel whilst still fitting within the overarching palette. This then ran through into some of the other dual channel packaging, such as the cross channel sting and earcons.

The channel idents were fairly closely based on the Latin America curriculum ids created by Studio Ronda, which we created mostly from scratch in Cinema4D. The bumpers & endboards took the US packaging created by Gretel and reversioned it for the two channels, with a few additions on the way. An extra set of Easter-themed idents and earcons rounded off the package.


Channel Idents
Break Bumpers
Cross-channel Stings
Lower 3rds


Everything was delivered on time and budget. We revisited and further developed the project when NickJr2 was renamed to NickJrToo a few years later.

Image - NickJr UK rebrand idents
Image - NickJr UK rebrand cross channel
Image - NickJr UK rebrand packaging


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